virtual riot 

create music group
During my internship at Create Music Group, I was tasked with creating assets for clients.  Our client Virtual Riot, an EDM producer, was repackaging his “classic” songs into one comprehensive album to be released on music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.  

design process
Since this album artwork was for a compiliation of all of this artist’s work, I wanted to develop something that stayed true to his style and sound.  Virtual Riot creates “dreamy dubstep, electro, and D&B” and while I incorporated those elements into my design process, I also wanted to give it a more personal, illustrative touch.  

My first iterations were more sketchy, but after bringing several versions to the client, we moved towards the more retro, minimal 8-bit style that was more consistent with his brand.  The first version was adapted for a promotional Facebook post.  

design in use