sigma eta pi

VP of Marketing
As VP of Marketing for Sigma Eta Pi, USC’s premier co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity, I designed a holistic marketing campaign for our fall 2017 & spring 2018 rush.  

My goal was to create a more comprehensive campaign that could boost the university community’s awareness of our organization, while maintaining consistency in design style so that we could begin to build a recognizable brand from semester to semester.  I wanted to create a fresh new look for Sigma Eta Pi while still maintaining a professional, yet forward thinking image that embodies the entrepreneurship trend.  
fall 2017 design process
Working with our VP of Recruitment and other executive board members, we established that our rush theme should encourage students of all majors and interests to apply, as long as they are interested in entrepreneurship and want to learn more.  We typically get mostly business & engineering students, but we strongly believe in the ubiquity of the entrepreneurial spirit and the strength of diversity and interdisciplinary expertise.  Many of my initial designs were too oriented towards the entrepreneurial “hustle” - the final designs are more inclusive and draws upon the idea that the parameters of success are not limited to just a career or salary.  

One of the main challenges I faced was creating across mediums - digital, print, and apparel.  I decided to stick to more simple, text-based designs, relying on the consistency of typography to help unify our brand image.  

Beyond creating recruitment graphics, I also applied this system to other promotional material for our events throughout the year.  

spring 2018 design process
Continuing where last semester left off, our student organization was able to gain more exposure and create an identity beyond the phoenix logo – specifically through color.  However, there is far less participation in spring rush, as it’s in the middle of the school year.  

Like last semester, one of the biggest challenges was picking a design that worked across many mediums.  I originally designed the “mountain” patch but after realizing it didn’t adapt well for a longer graphic with text (Facebook cover photo, flyers), I added a couple other patches that highlight entrepreneurial qualities.  

The two colors used in the design are meant to be very unique and set apart SEP from other student organizations on campus.  I kept the logo font the same, while introducting a different typeface.