jamison properties

design internship
I redesigned and oversaw production & installation of new signage in the Central Plaza parking lot in Koreatown, Los Angeles during my internship with Jamison Properties.  While Jamison is a large company, Jamison Properties, LP is the privately-owned, full-service development arm of the Jamison organization, which owns and operates over 3 billion dollars worth of commercial and residential properties throughout Southern California.  I was able to get experience in design for both commerical and residential applications - from leasing and marketing materials for new apartment complexes to redesigning signage for existing properties.  

residential property development
During my summer internship, I worked on marketing materials for two new properties that were preparing for leasing. Both buildings were undergoing a design review for branding identities, so I was tasked with experimenting with banner designs to eventually narrow down a logo and style guide for print and web marketing. 

leasing banner designs

printing style guide

commercial property development
At the beginning of my internship, Jamison was in the process of moving their signage production in-house.  For the number of buildings (and consequently, parking lots) that the company maintains, it made more financial sense to stop outsourcing the work to a signage vendor and print vinyl onto signs in-house.  The original signage standards lacked visual hierarchy and had confusing color patterns that made signs harder to understand, and varied from building to building depending on who the property manager was.  With this in mind, I set out to complete these objectives:

  • Create new parking signage design guidelines.
  • Outline process that property managers must follow to have new signage created for their buildings.  
  • Work with in-house sign producer to create standards for production.

old signage standards

updated signage