hang ten
project proposal

PR 340 final project
In my Intro to Advertising (PR 340) class at USC, we learned the fundamentals of the advertising industry, including the process, roles and strategies that form strong campaigns.  Our final project was a group pitch competition for a real client - Hang Ten.  Hang Ten is a lifestyle & apparel company whose roots in Californian surf culture inform their classic, free-spirited coastal style.  Our team won the account, competing against four other agency groups.  

Our project focus was their sunscreen line - while the product boasted more natural ingredients and better SPF coverage than competitors, the brand’s low market share and lack of awareness among consumers was hurting their profit potential.  We conducted a survey that gave us better insights on consumer preferences, habits, and needs.  Based on those survey results, we decided to target moms and families to position Hang Ten Sunscreen as the natural, chemical-free option for active, but health-consious parent who is willing to pay a little extra for making sure their families are protected.  

Our target became young, health-conscious families. They shop at Trader Joe’s, use reusable totes, shop sustainably and pack their kids into a hybrid vehicle on the way to the beach or soccer practice. In other words, their lives are dominated by green and organic purchasing trends. Natural sunscreen, however, has yet to be breached for them. In many ways, it is these families’ final organic frontier.

design process

With all of these insights in mind, and working with the rest of the team to coordinate with media planning, I constructed an advertising campaign around the tagline, “We got your back.”  Our client was in the process of developing Hang Ten sunscreen offered with a unique back applicator, so we wanted to incorporate that product advantage both verbally and visually.  This campaign centers on the integral role Hang Ten sunscreen plays in our active family’s life - the product empowers the user while protecting them all along the way, not letting the sun stop them from doing what they love most with the people they love most. It's about letting them stay where they belong - on the beach, in the ocean, or scaling a mountain - whatever it may be. Hang Ten protects you or your family where you can't alone.